Look out for red flags during a nursing home visit

Look out for red flags during a nursing home visit

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If you or your loved one need more support than you can get at home, you might consider a Florida assisted living facility. While it can always be challenging to leave your home, a facility can provide many people with much-needed assistance. However, nursing home neglect and abuse is a nightmare for many elders and their families. You may have heard horror stories about residents left to fend for themselves or become physically, emotionally or financially abused.

Potential warning signs during a visit

It is important to visit an assisted living facility before deciding to sign a contract. There are some red flags that can highlight that a nursing home or assisted living facility may be the wrong choice. First, look at the other residents. If they look ungroomed, messy, or dirty, this may indicate an understaffed or neglectful facility. If staff members are rude, rushed or uninformed when you ask basic questions, watch out. After all, if this is the reception you receive as a potential client, the situation for residents may be even worse.

Look at the facility itself

Examine the facility and how people interact with each other and the space. It can be a warning sign if few residents have visitors, there are no group activities and no one uses the common areas. The facility may have a bad reputation for nursing home neglect. If the grounds look dark, poorly lit or cluttered, it can be a sign of improper maintenance or hazardous conditions.

Before moving into a nursing home, all of your questions should be answered clearly. This especially includes material terms like contracts and rates, as some nursing homes may have hidden fees. By staying alert for these warning signs, you may help to protect yourself or your loved ones.