3 common causes of golf cart accidents

3 common causes of golf cart accidents

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Golf carts fulfill a variety of functions besides transport for golfers, such as serving as vehicles to ferry disabled individuals around on college campuses. Since they are low-speed, it might make sense to assume that they are safe to operate.

While they are not more dangerous than automobiles, they do carry a level of risk. In fact, a recent study revealed that golf cart accidents are actually fairly common, with injuries in part arising from a lack of regular safety features such as doors and seat belts. There are a few causes that contribute to the golf cart accident rate more than others.

1. Driving while distracted

The lower speed of golf carts does not make them invulnerable to wrecks. Texting, talking on cell phones and eating while driving are dangerous and distracting behaviors when operating any vehicle.

2. Overloading the cart

Too many passengers may affect the ability of the engine and brakes to operate correctly. As a result, the driver may not be able to brake and accelerate fast enough, causing the cart to turn over or the passengers to fly off.

3. Taking turns too sharply

Since there are no seatbelts in golf carts, sharp movements may cause people to fall off. This may result in serious physical harm and trauma.

Since they do not have the protective features offered by cars, golf cart accidents may lead to people sustaining serious injuries in collisions or even just from the force of a turn or movement throwing them off. By taking precautions like focusing fully on the road, slowly maneuvering at turns and not exceeding the maximum weight rating for the cart, golf cart drivers may minimize their chances of crashing. Individuals injured in a golf cart incident may be able to pursue compensation.