When can a nursing home be considered liable for injuries?

When can a nursing home be considered liable for injuries?

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If you have a loved one in a Florida nursing home, you expect them to be taken care of and safe. Unfortunately, negligence happens in these facilities and can result in injuries to residents. There are certain steps you should take if you suspect your loved one has suffered abuse in their nursing home.

What to do if your older loved one suffered an injury

Older people in nursing homes often have dementia, so they might not remember how an injury even occurred. If you suspect that nursing home negligence took place and resulted in the injury, there are certain steps you can take. They include the following:

• Ask other residents if they saw anything happen.
• Request a meeting with the administration and anyone else in charge to address your loved one’s injury and explain that you want to learn how it happened.
• Contact the local ombudsman if you aren’t getting information from the nursing home.
• Check security footage of common areas to see if it shows your loved one getting injured.
• Have your loved one examined by a doctor to assess the injury.

How can you spot the warning signs of elder abuse?

If you believe elder abuse or nursing home negligence was the cause of the injury to your loved one, you can look for certain signs. They include:

Noticeable injuries: If you see injuries in odd places on your loved one, it may be a sign of elder abuse. Keep note of injuries like physical restraints and burns.
Severe injuries: Severe injuries like broken bones with no explanation of how they occurred should be taken as a red flag.
Skin lesions: If your loved one suddenly has bedsores, it could be neglect.
Malnutrition: Problems like dehydration or sudden weight loss may mean malnutrition.
Unsanitary conditions: Dirty bedding or clothing and your loved one having to be situated in dirty, unsanitary conditions is a sign of elder abuse.

Determining nursing home liability

The facility may be liable if certain factors are present, such as:

Negligent staff: Staff that is under-trained and unqualified or includes individuals with a history of abuse.
Inadequate security: Nursing homes can be liable for residents’ injuries if they have inadequate security to keep patients safe and prevent them from wandering.
Hazards: If there are hazards in the facility such as slippery floors, it can mean the nursing home is liable for patient injuries.