Is poor maintenance a cause of truck accidents?

Is poor maintenance a cause of truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Truck Accident |

Florida highways find smaller vehicles driving side by side with tractor-trailers and other massive trucks. Fears exist about tailgating and speeding truck drivers, but not everyone realizes that poor maintenance might be just as dangerous. Trucks in need of multi-point inspections and repairs might be hauling cargo throughout the Sunshine State, which could lead to accidents.

Trucks require routine inspections and maintenance

Commercial trucks usually spend more time on the road than the average commuter vehicle. A truck driver who invests eight hours or more traveling on Florida roads each day would likely inflict significant wear and tear on the tires. Such wear would be on top of any environmental factors causing cracks or dry rot. Checking the tires for tread levels and air leaks is necessary to preserve safety. A tire blowout could lead to a massive tractor-trailer collision.

Expect the brakes to potentially suffer from excess wear and tear, too. Trucks don’t travel on the highway exclusively. Drivers find themselves in stop-and-go traffic on city streets due to stop signs and red lights. Congested highway traffic causes a similar effect and further wears down the brakes prematurely.

Additional maintenance issues and concerns

Other maintenance issues require attention, or else drivers risk causing truck accidents. Steering problems should not be ignored. A tractor-trailer pulling to the left might cause an otherwise avoidable accident. Perhaps low leaking power steering fluid contributes to the problem, or maybe there is a wheel misalignment issue.

Steering fluid isn’t the only liquid that may leak out. Transmission and motor oil might drain for some reason. Coolant could leak out of the radiator, leading to an overheating truck. When these things happen unexpectedly, the results may be dangerously unpredictable.

Truck drivers and company owners could find themselves in a lawsuit after an accident. Ignoring maintenance is sometimes seen as outright negligence in a court of law.