The everyday occurrences of wrong-site surgeries

The everyday occurrences of wrong-site surgeries

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Wrong-site surgeries are unfortunately common in hospitals and outpatient centers. A doctor’s experience does not prevent the occurrence of these events, and neither does the expertise of a nurse or surgical prep team. More medical providers are attempting to find out why wrong-site surgeries are continuing to happen in Florida and across the U.S.

How often wrong-site surgeries are performed

A wrong-site surgery occurs when the right surgery is performed on the wrong patient or on the wrong body part. The mistake is perpetrated by both beginner and experienced surgeons.

A 2006 study determined that a wrong-site surgery occurred for every 113,000 surgeries, and dozens of these surgeries occurred every week in the U.S. for the time period studied. In 2018, there were 105 such events that occurred, according to The Joint Commission.

A common form of medical malpractice

Wrong-site surgeries are classified as a type of medical malpractice that can lead to various forms of financial retribution. A surgeon might be tried in court, found guilty of performing a wrong-site surgery and held liable for medical negligence. The nurses, surgeon’s assistants, front desk clerks or other staff members may be found liable if enough evidence is found. Additionally, the hospital or medical facility may face liability if this sentinel event occurs regularly.

The continued prevalence of medical errors

Wrong-site surgeries continue to be performed throughout the U.S. despite the numerous preventative measures that medical professionals undertake. Patients are not responsible for their own botched surgeries, so they may choose to seek compensation in court for any medical damages.