Wills And Trusts

Create A Will Or Trust That Mirrors Your Life

There are many common misunderstandings about wills and trusts. Among them is the notion that estate planning is only for wealthy or elderly individuals. However, wills and trusts can encapsulate your values and wishes no matter who you are.

At Olsen Law Firm, P.A., Pam Olsen helps families and individuals make a clear plan for the future. She will listen closely to find an estate planning answer that is right for you.

Why A Will Is Important For Everyone

Wills describe important matters for both your lifetime and after you are gone. Whether you have millions of dollars in the bank or a modest home and savings, you likely have personal decisions and loved ones to protect.

In a will, you can:

  • Name someone who would take care of your children if you no longer can
  • Provide instructions for inheritance and who should receive various property
  • Decide who will oversee the administration of your estate

As your attorney, Pam Olsen will help you draft a will that reflects who you are and what matters to you. Whether you are a parent, passionate about charitable giving or concerned about your family’s financial resources, we will help you reach a fully customized solution.

The Benefits Of A Trust

There are many types of trusts. Each type can accomplish a specific set of goals. Some trusts are modifiable during your lifetime, whereas others offer more protection but are not modifiable.

Depending on the type of trust you form, you may gain several benefits, including:

  • Establishing protection for your property against creditors
  • Obtaining greater control regarding the distribution and function of inheritance over time
  • Keeping certain property out of probate
  • Reducing gift and estate taxes

Trusts are complex legal tools, which is why it is valuable to collaborate with an experienced attorney to form one. Pam Olsen is familiar with complex family situations and financial issues. She is prepared for the nuances of trust formation.

Learn How To Protect What You Care About

Olsen Law Firm, P.A., helps clients across Florida plan effectively. For a consultation about your will or trust, call (352) 671-9777 or email the Ocala office. Pam Olsen is committed to the success of her clients, and she is ready to guide you.